The Lott Carey Baptist Mission School Alumni Association: USA, (known as LCMAA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization headquartered in Durham, North Carolina. The association was established in July, 1998 in Atlanta, Georgia with the goal of actively assisting in the rebuilding and rehabilitation of the Lott Carey Mission School in Brewerville, Liberia, which was severely damage in a devastating and prolonged 14-year civil war.

The formation of the association was conceived by a group of Lott Carey alumni, former students and friends from across the United States. This was the first reunion of the organization. The success of this event led to the election of LCM graduates: Pearl Brown-Bull as its first president and Philip Jarbah as vice president. A few years later, the By-Laws of LCMAA was drafted, presented and adopted by the body at the annual reunion of the organization in Atlanta in July, 2011. In addition to the structure of the organization that had already been approved in prior meetings of the association, the new By-Laws call for a Board of Directors composed of graduates, former students and friends of the Lott Carey Mission School. Victor Alexchea Hogstrom was elected the first Chairman of the Board.

Among the objectives of LCMAA are: to promote greater interactions among past graduates and former students of Lott Carey Mission who reside in the United States and other parts of the world; liaise with the Lott Carey Alumni Association: Liberia, work with the Lott Carey Mission Board and with current leadership and students of the Lott Carey Baptist Mission School in Liberia. It is also our objective to assist in the creation of an acceptable academic environment for the children of Liberia.